Thursday, April 17, 2008


It is only right for one to desire to attempt to expose religions of their false information, lies, and unjust teachings but there is a right and wrong way to go about the exposure. First of all, it makes no sense to fight lies with lies. The intentions of the writers of Zeitgeist were almost on point but the fact that they used incorrect information and stretched the truth in order to form an argument makes them even less of a reliable source than what they were fighting. They may have had some valid points to make but all of their information that built their argument was poorly researched if researched at all. They went about their research aiming only to criticize and destroy the beliefs of others, not to expose the truth. Had they been able to use facts to strengthen their argument, the writers of Zeitgeist would have been successful in opening the eyes of millions maybe even billions of people. Instead, their weak tactics make their movie amature and not worthy of the attention and weight I'm sure they were hoping for.

In order to mediate between my argument and my opponent's I will conclude that there are weaknesses in the Zeitgeist arguments as well as questionable aspects about the stories of the bible. While I do not agree with her argument whatsoever, it only makes sense to acknowledge that the makers of Zeitgeist would not attempt to make such a strong argument if they weren't motivated by the discrepancies and lies that surround religion. There are some things that should be exposed and revealed when it comes to religion and there are many things missing from the bible as well as information that should not be there in the first place. The goal however, should be to research and understand really every aspect of the religion you wish to follow before you began to practice it. Without the appropriate research, religion will continue to be the center of and inspiration behind arguments such as this one.


nija said...

Generations have sought to merge religion and intellect to failure of most. The argument presented today is merely a continuation of this merging. Christians base their beliefs on principles that are deceptions. Most of their religious holidays, symbols, traditions and texts are copied from older religions. "Christ" the messiah shares the life story of several other deities, most, if not all of which, are personifications of a "Sun" god. From the Egyptians to Constantine, religion had been a way to unify a people and has been successful in this attempt. My argument is not undermine faith or Christians belief in their messiah, for i am in fact a Christian as well; i merely want my fellow followers to discrete the information that they are given and analyze it for themselves. Christianity is a religion is a religion steeped in scandal, bloodshed and rejection; that has for generations trapped its followers between eternal life to eternal damnation. Many merely follow out of fear or due to the fact that they are under the impression that they will be rewarded later for their goodness here on earth. Believe what you may, but look at the history behind what you believe and make the decisions for yourself. Base your soul on information that you have investigated, not been told by those who are members of the religious hierarchy. If a strong position must be chosen, i will concede to my opponent solely because her following is far larger and is steeped in emotional belief and many find it hard to see beyond their emotions; even into truth.

MR. MILLION said...

I'm really interested in ready your mediation, but I'm still confused as to what you are mediating. I don't believe you can just say you are going to mediate the film. I feel like you are leaning towards mediating how one should approach religion and the Bible. Something to the effect of either taking the "word of God" or other religious figures through the appropriate texts as literal, or allowing some interpretation because of the diffused nature of the texts throughout the centuries of their existence. The argumentative question needs to be defined in more specific terms.